Offer:  Helping educational organisations build highly effective, creative, innovative,  solution-orientated teams that deliver the strategic goals of the business.


I have worked in high pressure Further and Higher educational environments for two decades.  Starting out as a PT Learning support tutor helping dyslexic students, Lecturer, Programme Leader running design programmes, Quality manager helping to ensure that the programmes and its outcomes were of the highest standards and Curriculum Area Manager, managing a team of 20 staff and over 300 students in my area alone. 


I have personally taught over 12,000 students!  With responsibilities for department-wide Maths & English, work experience and the organisation and delivery of the T-Level pilot, I have an idea where you are at!!


While doing this I have had the fantastic opportunity to work with nearly every department within a very successful (top 3%, Grade 1,TEF GOLD) FE/HE institution and have a unique perspective on how educational organisations work and the associated pressures on departments, schools, managers, teams and individuals.


Designing and facilitating bespoke workshops that will help support and guide teams and individuals to generate lots of high-quality ideas around specific problems, subjects or opportunities.  


What happens?  

I design and facilitate ideation sessions based on project need, outcome requirements, resource availability, success criteria, time limits and teams experience.  Teams are supported and guided in workshops/meetings to generate high volume, high-quality ideas through the use of specific structured problem solving and idea generation processes.

Why use it?  

Teams sometimes get stuck because they don’t have the right 'tools' to generate high-quality ideas in significant numbers. 

People find generating ideas or solving complex problems difficult often due to lack of process, a prepared environment, inexperience and/or entrenched thinking. 


When should it be used?

When you need to get new ideas and break out of your old thinking patterns.

You need high-quality ideas and lots of them quickly

You an opportunity or project that needs to be acted upon now.


Who should be involved?

Senior team, marketing team, MI&F, Achievements, Curriculum Managers, senior Tutors, Heads of Departments and programme teams.


Where will it happen?

Facilitation workshops can take place in your place of work, away at an external venue and there is the opportunity to work online.


Training is bespoke.  We work together to create the right training for your needs.


We partner with you to ensure you can maximise your growth through creativity


Our pricing is simple and transparent.  We work together to get it right.


You will be amazed at the changet hat your investment will make on your business.

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Wayout.Thinking is an Innovation Consultancy company based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.

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