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Bespoke projects that are ‘End to End’  that include ‘Opportunity’ finding, customer insights, ideation and solution response finding, prototyping, co-creation and customer ready outcomes.

Rather than thinking that you know what the customer wants this 'Ethnographic' approach puts you deep in the mind of your customers.  This design thinking approach enables you to gain insights into your customers wants, desires, behaviours and attitudes.  This helps to build customer focussed products, services and experiences that have a great ‘fit’ with your customers’ expectations.  It reduces guessing and therefore saves time and money invested in misaligned projects.

Your customer's experience matters!!

Project design and management.  Ethnographic research to explore opportunities, find scope for improvements and capture and build on customer insights.


Development of a specific, targeted insight-based problem/opportunity question that is pursued ensuring that you are working on the ‘right problem’.


Ideation and idea generation sessions based on customer insights to develop potential solution viewpoints from which new product, services and experiences can be built.


Prototyping and co-creation with customers the outcomes of ideation.

Customer testing and iterative design changes to get the right fit for your value proposition to customers.

All our training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Training can be bespoke to meet your requirements and objectives.

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Wayoutthinking is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.

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