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When you need innovation to be 'up-front and center' of what you do, there is nothing better than having a team of people that have the skills and confidence to find it, support it and make it happen.  


Having highly motivated creative individuals that have skills in creative thinking & creative problem solving on your team also allows you to run ideation sessions at any time.


Teams that are trained in the creative processes are also able to act as your key drivers when building a creatively healthy business culture that takes innovation seriously.

We Design and Provide Training for:

Teams and Individuals:  Understand the creative process, the thinking behind it, powerful techniques and repeatable processes. 

How to choose and facilitate teams to work on innovation projects.

Manage creative thinking and innovation across your organisation.

Continuous Professional Development/staff development days.

1:1 Coaching.

We are also able to design and provide training for other areas of creativity and creative thinking that you may be interested in.  Design thinking processes can also be developed within teams to support projects with maximum customer input

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.

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Wayoutthinking is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.

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