Creativity in business is a crucial first step that needs to be prioritized by senior leadership. A survey by IBM of more than 1,500 chief executive officers shows consensus: Creativity was ranked as the number one factor for future business success—above management discipline, integrity, and even vision.


In hyper-competitive business environments those enterprises that are able to come up with new ideas, unique products and services will survive and succeed.  Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation; higher creativity leads to more innovation.


Developing organisational cultures that stimulate and promotes creativity and innovation is becoming essential for organisations seeking a competitive advantage. 


Our CBC (Creative Business Cultures) audit and response is designed to capture and asses your organisation's current innovation capacity through gaining an understanding of 'where you are now' and 'where you want to be' and bridging the gap. We do this by assessing the processes, practices, attitudes, behaviours, skills and motivation of your organisation to support, capture and leverage the ideas and opportunities available to you.  

Creativity / Innovation Culture and Capacity Audit.  This consists of;


Site visits.

Conversations with the leadership team.Interviews with staff from across the organisation

Anonymous questionnaires

Established protocols, methods and incentives

Reporting on findings.

Training and CPD assessment and planning

'Future State' strategic planning.

Workspace Design 

Sustained Support.

All our training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and Training are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.

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