Your business relies on ideas! 

That's why it's so important that you know the best way to get them and keep them.

We use proven creativity and innovation methodologies that give organisations the competitive edge to substantially increase profits with enterprise-wide, new value creation.

Whether you are a FTSE company or startup our approach injects creativity into your business culture to become a sustainable powerhouse of innovation, creativity and collaboration.

We work closely with your business to ensure that your teams have the right creative-thinking tools, techniques, insights and attitudes to become adept in the vital areas of creative problem Solving, idea generation and opportunity finding'. 

Creative-thinking and problem-solving skills will support your business in creating new business growth through the consistent innovation of compelling, customer-focused, products, services and experiences as well as solving your most persistent challenges.


Business is often operating in an increasingly complex and difficult landscape. As problems and customer demands become more complex, we find that there are fewer examples of how to solve them, so instead of looking at what is or what has been, we need to start looking to what can be, and that this is becoming increasingly important.


Our creative thinking workshops, training and coaching can all be made bespoke to meet your business needs.  Powerful creativity and innovation tools are close at hand to help you innovate into the future.

Contact me to discuss further with a confidential call.

'Wayoutthinking' supports you in gaining a competitive advantage through our ability to show you how to weaponise your ideas!


Helping Your Business Harness Creativity To Create Game-Changing Products, Services, Customer Experiences and Solutions.  

Creative Thinking Workshops and Training for Business

Creative Thinking

Training & CPD

Our bespoke and tested creativity and innovation techniques  support connecting with your customers, their needs and aspirations.  This can supercharge the designing of solutions, experiences, products and services that are innovative and have ‘fit’ with your customers, their goals and increasing needs.

You are able to avoid wasting time and money in meetings and workshops that just aren’t working for you.

We train teams to generate lots of high-quality ideas through repeatable processes.  Deliberate creative processes that can be tapped into time and time again save time and money.

Solve problems!  Creative problem solving is a serious and specific approach to working with complex problems that lack information about them.  This structured approach really helps to generate bespoke ideas to find solutions to problems.

Overwhelmed by the task of innovating?


  • "There should be better tools available to help create lots of high quality ideas to help us innovate". 


  • "Our ideas that we generate are only ever ‘safe’ or ‘run of the mill’ when we need something special.  Innovation is nearly impossible".


  • "Creative thinking will take up huge amounts of time and its all a bit weird".


  • "I don’t know even where to start when conducting a team ideation session".

Frustrated by unproductive meetings?


  • "Meetings have sometimes become ‘idea brawls’ that upset people and produce few, poor quality ideas".


  • "Time is wasted on non-essential storytelling and the selling of ‘my idea is best".


  • "Complex group dynamics prevent ideas from ever being heard. "


  • "There has been no formal training in creative thinking, problem solving or idea generation and I feel that having these skills would help".

Unsure about how ‘Creativity’ fits into the business?

  • "We have specific KPI’s that are rigid and need to be met".


  • "Certainty is important and risk is to be avoided".


  • "We are not set up to deal with new ideas.  ‘We do what we do’ mentality prevails within the business".


  • "I’m not creative!! This has nothing to do with me.  I won’t be able to contribute!"


  • "It’s for the ‘Cool’ companies……we don’t need it".


Whether you have questions about how creative thinking can help your business, build high performing teams, develop impactful customer value, how we would work together or pricing contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

Lets Get Acquainted!!

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Creative Thinking Creating Possibility


Neuroscience: Unleashing Creative Disruption

Recent advances in neurobiology further validate what we’ve known for years. The human brain is hardwired to resist change and limit the potential disruption that comes from creative thinking. To unleash innovative ideas, people must manage the “ancient brain” with mature thought choice and collaborative thinking methods. Otherwise, the ancient Brain cunningly kills off the new thinking needed for innovation to come to life.

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 13.40.14.png

"Jonathan is very knowledgeable and has good experience of Idea generation, and gave us some practical insights into new ways of working".

Oli Clarke.

Business Manager at The Senator Group

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