Helping Business Innovate.  

Whether you're a mature company or startup, creative thinking is an essential part of innovation, and innovation is an essential part of any business strategy.  A portfolio approach to Innovation strategy can help you create growth opportunities, find ways to reduce costs, increase revenues, eliminate competition and even create new markets. This helps you move towards your business goals.  

Wayoutthinking embraces this as a philosophy and works with your business to access and leverage the vast potential that your people have to drive your innovation.  Together we are able to develop game-changing products, services, ideas and solutions and we help you to become a sustainable powerhouse of innovation, creativity and collaboration through idea workshops, training and culture building.

You understand business operates in an increasingly complex and difficult landscape. As problems and customer demands become more complex, we find that there are fewer examples of how to solve them, so instead of looking at what is or what has been, we help you start looking to 'what can be'.


To be concise;

We design and run idea workshops that are high energy, put all your teams on the same page and generate lots of ideas for your innovation goals.

Training to build high-performing teams that are creative, solution focussed and understand that creativity is a vital commponent in any business strategy and the building of cultures of innovation (and lots of other things!)

Build creative business cultures. Developing an organisational culture that stimulates and promotes creativity and innovation is essential for organisations seeking a competitive advantage.

Wayoutthinking helps you build solutions that are aligned with your organisation's mission, respond to your customer needs and build creative, passionate and confident teams that have their eye on getting things done. 



Drive Your Business Strategy. Achieve Your Business Goals.


Wayoutthinking supports you in gaining a competitive advantage through our ability to help you generate breakthrough ideas and solutions and get them to market quickly.

Wayouthinking works with you in partnership.  Our aim is to help you develop your own solutions and not be reliant on external consultants telling you what to do.  This we find puts so much more energy into the process and avoids the 'Not invented here' problem.  We know that your business has people with fantastic ideas and we know how to get to them and turn ideas into real-world, high impact outcomes.   

Founded on over 20 years in design education, training, and facilitation, Wayoutthinking knows about creative environments and what it takes to connect to a diverse range of clients, train teams and build cultures.  This, coupled with an unrelenting search for ways to bring out the best ideas in people, we work to help you reach your goals, on your terms.

Innovation without borders!  Our approach means that we are able to work across all sectors and with organisations both large and small. Wayoutthinking uses a variety of bespoke ideation techniques in custom-designed ideation sessions specifically designed to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives. Our strategically focused ideation and creative problem-solving sessions can address a wide variety of business challenges such as positioning, advertising, visioning, sku rationalisation, promotions, cost-cutting, new products, etc. in any industry ( packaged goods, food and beverages, government, pharmaceuticals, financial services, Law services, human resources, education, fashion, sportswear, high-tech, etc.).  

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Need Help?

Frustrated by unproductive meetings?

Overwhelmed by the task of innovating?

Unsure about how ‘Creativity’ fits into the business?

Need help to build an environment of creativity?

Need an innovative approach to improved revenue and cost?

Need to find new opportunities hidden inside and outside your business?

Wayoutthinking can help - Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

If you have questions about how creative thinking can help your business or how we would work together contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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Wayoutthinking is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.

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